Visiting Tarragona and Sitges

I’ve visited two Spanish cities – Tarragona and Sitges.

Boths cities have very nice embankments but Tarragona is big city (population 130 000 +) but Sitges is small one (28 000 people).

Rome aqueduct

In Tarragona I was willing to see ancient Rome aqueduct (click to see it’s loaction)

This place is perfect for outdoor picnic – take something with you.


The city itsef is very nice. Nice embankment and see.


Sitges is a small but very nice town – just 4o minutes from Barcelona.

People from UK come to Sitges for pention and on their vacation. There are a lot of cars with UK number plates.

Surfers come for big waves – even now in January there are a lot of them.

Old city is very – there are a lot of people even during off-season. Very nice cafes, bars and shops. Some people compare Sitges to Blanes but personally I like it more.